Air Conditioning System Maintenance Homeowner

Central Air Conditioning systems are one of those modern day conveniences that many find they just can’t live without. The thought of calling a repairman fills us with dread.

The compressor component also needs to be kept away from dust and dirt. You may utilize a water hose for getting rid of the dust. By doing so, you enable the airflow to work more expeditiously across the cooling fins on the component. When the AC is not needed, as in winter, simply cover the compressor with a cloth which will prevent dust from accumulating. You even need to examine if the hose connections have leaks, and the condensate tube is able to drain freely.

For units with air conditioning repair separate thermostats that shouldn’t make a difference in the procedure. The thermostat isn’t wired to the A/C unit itself- it’s wired to the control panel.

Check to see if your HVAC experts offer a wide variety of AC systems as well as quality service. Instead of an AC repair service, your knowledgeable technician may recommend that you get a new system. This option may help you receive more efficiency from your system as well as saving on your energy bill each month due to a decrease in energy expenditure.

First turn AC service off the air conditioning system. Find the service valves located on the system’s pump. The valves are typically marked. The vapor line service valve is high on the air conditioning pump, and the liquid line service valve is on the lower section of the system.

If the 12 volt system isnt working it usually means the transformer, used to convert the 110 volt supply to 12 volts, is malfunctioning. Replacing this can be very expensive if you purchase one of these units new.

A simple thermometer can be an important tool in finding the source of leakage in any air conditioning system, as the Freon leak will always be much colder than the ambient air around the unit. Any excess temperature within the unit may also mean that the unit may be having overheating problems and is not functioning as efficiently as it should be.