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Before following any maintenance tips, always read the instruction manual carefully. The product manual contains necessary information provided by the manufacturer, which will enable you to understand about the important parts and components of the air conditioner. After you are well informed about all the components, maintenance is just the next step ahead.

If possible, oil the fan motor while you have the RV AC shroud removed. Many RV AC fan motors have oiling tubes over the motor bearings. Often, the fan motor may start slowly if these bearings are not oiled annually.

Locate the regulator from the compound hose on the manifold gauge and completely open it. Turn on the vacuum pump and closely watch the compound hose’s gauge. This process will evacuate AC service the refrigerant from the AC unit. Switch off the vacuum pump after the pressure gauge reads 0 psi. Hold the pressure for a few hours or half a day. Shut the compound hose regulator. If the pressure does not maintain, there could be a leak in the hose.

Annual cleaning and maintenance of the RV AC unit on your travel trailer or motorhome is extremely important for efficient and economical cooling. Cleaning the coils is an easy job which can make all of the difference in the RV AC units cooling capacity.

A lever located on the bottom of the box activates the spring-loaded latch that holds the front-cover of the box closed. Using your air conditioning repair finger push the lever backwards. Note that activating the lever causes the portion of the latch that protrudes through the cover to retract. Using your free hand, slide the Service Disconnect Box cover downward, and then swing it open.

The first guy that showed up at my door performed whatever voodoo magic he deemed necessary and things seemed to be all right with the world. Not so I soon AC repair realized as the temperature began to rise. Welcome to the Sahara. Back on the telephone and another repairman appears the next day. I guess the first guy only dealt with cold climates, because a new guy was sent to fix the first repair.

If you choose new windows, be sure these replacement windows or doors are made for campers because of the inherent danger of using ordinary house windows. Regular house windows and doors may use glass which could shatter during movement of the travel trailer or motorhome as they may not flex enough during transit.

If your AC alternates between blowing cool and warm air, it may be “freezing” up. Use a vacuum pump to purge the system of moisture and blocked air. Then restart it. This should take care of the problem.