Common Air-Con Problems

Replacing the air filter in a window air conditioning unit is an easy process after you are aware of the steps you need to follow to actual remove the filter from the window unit and how to put in the new one. Before removing your old filter, you want to make sure that you have a new filter waiting on standby to be put into the unit. Also have a pair of scissors handy in case your new filter needs to be trimmed.

The 12 volt supply is utilized for some lights, vent fans, and for one part of the absorption refrigerators. The majority of the remaining electrical appliances use the standard 110 volts just like in a home.

The maintenance has air conditioning repair now been completed and the motor can be put back into the AC. Using your hand drawn diagram, or masking tape wire markers, wire the motor back into the AC. Slide the fan-blade back onto the motor’s shaft until the fan-blade position indicating mark has been reached. Tighten the fan-blade lock-down, and give the blade a spin. It should spin effortlessly, and continue spinning for a few seconds.

If the RV AC AC repair rooftop unit is too far gone replacing it with a new one is not a difficult undertaking. Check out the new and more efficient Coleman and Carrier RV AC units offered on this page. Installation is a simple job for the ordinary hands-on RV’er.

A lever located on the bottom of the box activates the spring-loaded latch that holds the front-cover of the box closed. Using your AC service finger push the lever backwards. Note that activating the lever causes the portion of the latch that protrudes through the cover to retract. Using your free hand, slide the Service Disconnect Box cover downward, and then swing it open.

In most cases an absorption refrigerator came standard in your motorhome or camper trailer.. These wonderful cooling devices have no moving parts and usually lasts for years.

If you find the above steps too exhausting or difficult, you may seek professional help. The replacement cost can range from $300 to $400. This cost may vary according to locality and the car model.