Heat Pump Replacement Cost

RV repair shops make tons of money every year replacing worn out or broken air conditioners. If the shop can’t repair yours immediately, you have to leave it in the shop. If you’re on vacation, you’ll need to spend extra money on a hotel bill. If you live in your RV full-time, this may not be an expense you could readily afford.

This step becomes very important if the motor case splits in two (2) halves. These types of motors have the stator (fixed winding) split between both halves. If the halves are not oriented correctly, the motor will not work. However, most modern AC motors will have a case that contains the full set of windings, and covers that are mounted on each end. Regardless, it is always a good practice to mark the case section to ensure the orientation will always be correct.

Add the can of r134a Freon to the hose. Reconnect the quick connect fitting, hose and gauge to the low side pressure service port. Release Freon into system via the method described in the instructions provided with the recharge kit. Keep a close eye on the gauge while moving the can back and forth every few seconds. The system should be charged up to the appropriate pressure for outside or ambient temperature. Never overcharge the system. Once the system is charged disconnect the quick disconnect fitting and replace the cap on the low side pressure AC repair service port.

Turn the power off to the RV and locate your A/C’s control panel. Remove the panel cover and faceplate. If the panel and faceplate are a single unit, so much the better. Disconnect the wiring to the control panel. You should have three wires- the power or “hot” wire, the neutral and the ground wire, which is attached to bare metal. Label them if you need to they may be different colors than the new unit’s wires and twist off the AC service connector nuts.

The most modern of technologies like air conditioning and heating make us live in a thermoneutral zone. What this means is that we get used to living at a temperature where there is no need for our body to regulate its temperature. It is only when our bodys temperature is below or above this thermoneutral zone that it works to attain that level. In the process it needs energy and as a result it has to burn calories supplied by our body.

The first guy that showed up at my door performed whatever voodoo magic he deemed necessary and things seemed to be all right with the world. Not so, I soon realized, as the temperature began to rise. Welcome to the Sahara. Back on the telephone and another repairman appears the next day. I guess the first guy only dealt with cold climates because a new guy was sent to fix the air conditioning repair first repair.

These can operate on 110 volt 12 volt or LP gas. Its hard to believe but they use heat to make freezing temperatures by using a recycled ammonia solution.

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