Unmatched Air Conditioning Services

Central Air Conditioning systems are one of those modern day conveniences that many find they just can’t live without. The thought of calling a repairman fills us with dread.

A warranty plan does not provide service for all the issues that occur in households. They have their own set of coverage limits, beyond which they do not provide any service. It is therefore important to read the documents carefully so as to check what is covered and what is not.

Existing minor leaks in your motorhome or travel trailer may be repaired by using the sealants offered on this page. Patches for small areas are available and roof replacement kits are offered for those of the “hands on” type RV owners. Roof sealants for preventative maintenance AC repair are highly recommended.

Gauges are used to monitor the suction and output pressures and are used to show when a problem is causing the unit not to work. The best air conditioning tools utilize both input and output gauges in the same unit.

Generally, the air conditioning repair experts cost a lot and that is why it is a cheap option to repair your AC yourself. However, in order to do so, you must have some good pair of hands to do so. Otherwise, you will just end up screwing up your air conditioning system.

Atlantis Heating & Air provides a service that is distinctly theirs. Designed with the home owner in mind, from price structure to environmentally friendly concepts. They offer real solutions at fair prices for the consumer, generally 30% – 50% less. With cost saving ideas and saving our natural resources being a priority, they start with more fuel efficient service vehicles. (30mpg) Passing the savings on to the consumer and offering energy efficient equipment, lessens the impact to our environment. They very well may be changing the concept of AC service the industry standard.

Locate the regulator from the compound hose on the manifold gauge and completely open it. Turn on the vacuum pump and closely watch the compound hose’s gauge. This process will evacuate the refrigerant from the AC unit. Switch off the vacuum pump after the pressure gauge reads 0 psi. Hold the pressure for a few hours or half a day. Shut the compound hose regulator. If the pressure does not maintain, there could be a leak in the hose.

Inspect the fins, located on the coils, thoroughly. Straighten the fins using a fin comb if you find them flattened. You can get a fin comb from any local appliance store. Place the air conditioner in the window and switch it on. Call an expert technician if it still does not function smoothly.